Re: BOR exam

From:Janay Zeck

     One of the issues of the BOR exam is that it tests on a lot of
material and procedures which are not in general use.  It's a lot more
memorization of ingredients than it is knowledge of theory and practice,
and once you take it, BOR doesn't expect anything more out of you.  Other
registry organizations, such as ASPT for phlebotomy, require passing a
written exam and a practicum, like ASCP, but go on to require that CME
credit be earned on a yearly basis in order maintain registry.
     I, too have seen excellent techs fail the BOR exam, and techs who
are totally incompetent pass it.   I've also seen OTJ trained techs that
were better than college trained ones.  The system needs a good overhaul
in my book.  It should be designed with more weight on competency in
practical knowledge and problem solving skills ~ things that are
encountered by histotechs on a daily basis.  Good patient care doesn't
come from knowing histology trivia.

Janay Zeck, HTL (ASCP)

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