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From:"Gladney, Diane C"

I found this list to be very entertaining and witty. It is a superb "tongue
in cheek" look at our (histotech) profession. Y'all lighten up and give her
some credit for giving all of us a laugh. I sure needed one this week!!!
Thanks Marsha for your wit. I've saved this one for anytime I need that
"laugh". Who says that histotechs don't have a sense of humor? Job well

Diane C. Gladney, HT(ASCP) 
Moncrief Army Community Hospital 
Dept. of Pathology, Histology Section 
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207-5600 


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very witty and clever. 

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Fulvio, you will probably want to hit your delete key on this one. 

OK I agree enough about the pay of histotechs or (underpayment). To put 
some finality to this, I have come up with a "Top 10 Reasons for not 
becoming a Histotech . These are compiled from reponses I received from 
histotechs on the histonet. 

10.We do not band together and demand the respect like the nurses, 
cytotechs and Med. Techs do. 
9. The 2 year ojt route/ HS diploma minimium will no longer be available 
after 2005. 
8.The education requirement that will take effect in 2005 is just like 4 
SCH's shy of an AS (WHY?). 
7.No matter what kind of education or no matter how good of a tech you 
are, you will never be compensated appropriately. 
6. Very few people in this world that has had any contact with the 
medical world even know that we exist, much less know what we do. 

5. Apparently Monkeys can be trained to be histotechs as told by 
someone's professor. (I think he watched Planet of the Apes way too much 
and took it seriously.) 

4. HS grads can become histotechs with relative ease (so why the 
education requirement?). 

3. Kitchen help in the hospital can be trained in only one day to cut and 
stain H&E slides. 

2. There is a shortage of histotechs and with no incentives being 
offered, that means those that remain will be worked to death before help 

and are you all ready  for this. Drum Roll Please! The No. 1 reason for 
not letting your children grow up to be Histotechs. 

1. We are going to be replaced by monkeys by the year 2005. 

I am not sure how they are at taking the HT exam that has been reported 
to be extremely hard , nor am I sure how they do in college, but I am 
sure if Monkeys can be trained to operate a microtome, cut and stain 
H&E's as well as special stains, IHC and ISH. I am sure that the HT exam 
and the  required 60 sch will be no problem for them. 

Good morning, good afternoon, and in case I don't see ya, good night. 

Marsha Price 

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