Biogenex vs Dako vs Cytologix immunostainer

From:Molly Murphy

Hello beautiful Histo People!

I'm in a veterinary research lab, and we are trying to choose 
between the Biogenex i6000, the DAKO immunostainer and the 
Cytologix "Artisan" automated immunostainers.  We need the 
flexibility of using our own reagents for as many of the steps as 
possible (i.e.  we have to use our own primary and secondary 
antibodies, since some of the veterinary antibodies aren't 
commercially available.).  It would also be nice to be able to do in-
situ hybridization on a machine, but not necessary.  I would greatly 
appreciate anyone's comments on any of these machines!!

Thanks for your help!

Molly Murphy, Pathology
University of Georgia 
College of Veterinary Medicine

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