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From:"Gladney, Diane C"

I would retire! My lab consists of two rooms with connecting door. The
grossing room with the processors, wet tissue storage, cryostats and the
embedding, cutting, staining room with all of the other equipment and my
desk. Both rooms are about 15 ft. x 25 ft. and I still don't have enough
space. We have a lot of equipment that takes up much needed counter space.
Supposedly we are going to have the whole lab (all sections) remodeled which
will give me more space and less wasted space. But I have been hearing this
for about 6 years though. I really feel sorry for you. How can you possibly
get all of that in one small room? I thing that you should talk with the
powers that be and ask them if they would work in an environment like that.
Scream, yell, kick, stomp your foot.....whatever it takes! I would go
bonkers in a room like that! I think this is an example of how our
profession is taken lightly. We have always seemed to be the "red headed
step child" of the lab. Good luck, keep us posted on your space situation.

Diane C. Gladney, HT(ASCP)
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
Dept. of Pathology, Histology Section
Ft. Jackson, SC 29207-5600

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Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2001 7:09 PM
Subject: Lab space logistics, a brain teaser

I am very interested in the size of your histology laboratories.  I have
been given a lab space that measures 12 ft 11 inches by 16 ft long.
Somewhat analogous to a broom closet with the following things going into
the space

a 6 ft chemical fume hood
VIP processor
2 cryostats
embedding center
small freezer, floor model
computer/tower, printer
2 microscopes one with photomic exposure setup
Faxitron (maybe)
filing cabinet
pH meter, balance, mag stirrer
hopefully an island to actually work, special and immunostaining

and Me!  I am going on a diet to take up less space, a mere shadow of

I also have a JB-4 microtome, knife breaker, Shandon knife sharpener, not
to mention other equipment.

Not sure whether to weep or retire

Gayle Callis
Histopathology Supervisor
Veterinary Molecular Biology
Montana State University - Bozeman
Bozeman MT 59717-3610

406 994-6367
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