Museum of Histotechnology

From:"McCormick, James"

Histonet readers interested in the history of your profession:  The AFIP
museum and archive has the best collection of artifacts, instruments etc
that are related to our profession. There are many fragments of collections
scattered over the world in both formal and informal (basement junk storage)
depositories. The collections are usually associated with clubs,
organizations, and individuals that focus on "the history of the
microscope", "history of Natural Science", and related topics. Great
universities frequently have substantial collections associated with their
Biology Departments or Physical Sciences" i.e..:
Oxford,Cambridge,Harvard,Yale,Univ. of Notre Dame,UCLA, to name a few.The
Science Heritage Books, particularly "the history of microtechnique" by
Brian Bracegirdle is the best review of History .  The NSH book store has
this book in its listing. On a personal basis, I would be pleased to assist
any organization of Histotechnologists to advance their interest in this
subject that I have worked with for the best part of my academic and
professional life. Robert Hooke, the author of "MIcrographia", 1665, is my
hero.  Respectfully, J.B.McCormick M.D. Pathologist,Swedish Covenant
Hospital Chicago,  Ill,( )

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