Re: porcine muscle fiber typing


We use a Toluidine Blue method which, at it's best, shows four fibre types.
Differentiation is critical and the method requires practice.  Contact me if
you want a copy and the original reference, if I still have it.

Andy Shand

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Subject: porcine muscle fiber typing

> Hi everybody,
> I wonder whether there have been done any refinements on the "old"
> methods of muscle fiber typing for their contractile and metabolic
> character (e.g. Brooke and Kaiser, 1970). As far as I know there is no
> combined staining method that enables me to differentiate 4 fiber types
> as the molecular genetic methods do. Furthermore I'm looking for
> software that allows to a) (semi)automatically detect the fiber types
> and b) to calculate area and diameter of the fibers.
> I appreciate any advice!
> Daniel Moerlein
> Institut for Animal Breeding
> Martin-Luther-University
> Halle
> Germany

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