correction on magnifier eye glasses

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I said $11.00 per set, it is that price per pair of magnifiers, certainly
cheaper than the fancy ones I purchased from a dental catalog, $25/pair.  

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>Amos Brooks remarks are well taken.  It helps to get a good magnifier on
>your embedding center.  If that does not work, one can get magnifier eye
>loupes that fit on edges of glasses/safety glasses up to 4X if needed. I
>have a full set from 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4X for dissection purposes, purchased at
>a knitting outlet for $11.00 per set and flip up when you don't need them.
>They save a lot guessing and frustration on specimen orientation/fine
>detail work (sectioning tiny GMA blocks, very small tissues in cryostat,
>There are also pricier tensor lamps with magnifiers, but cumbersome in
>front of the face.  
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