Re: background in FFPE spleen

From:James Mubiru <>

I have not worked with this tissue but it may be one
of those that contain lots of endogenous biotin. You
could try a biotin block. Biotin blocking has been
discused before on this site. You could try the
 James  mubiru

--- "Philopena, Jennifer"
<> wrote:
> Hi.  I'm desperate for suggestions.  Please HELP!
> I'm doing IHC on FFPE nude mouse spleen, and I'm
> having a BIG background
> issue.  I do antigen retrieval with citrate buffer,
> 3% peroxidase quench for
> 10 minutes, protein block - 30min, rabbit polyclonal
> antibody - 60min,
> biotin goat anti-rabbit secondary - 30min, SA-HRP -
> 15min, AEC-12min,
> hematoxylin.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks a lot.
> Jennifer
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