Re: Gomoris one step trichrome

Ian Clarke at Craigavon Area Hospital in North Ireland asks:

>>I am looking for the constituents of Gomori's one step trichrome. Is it 
comparable to the Masson Trichrome Technique?<<

Comparable to the extent that it stains nuclei with hematoxylin, fibrous 
tissue green, and parenchymal tissue red. But rather different from there.

What do you want to stain? Many people use it to stain frozen sections of 
skeletal muscle. This Engel-Cunningham modification, usually not so credited, 
was invented by W. King Engel (neurologist) and Guy Cunningham (histologist 
and brains in the outfit) before 1968. It took me quite a while to get it 
working when I was doing skeletal muscle histochemistry about thirty years 

Wheatley's modification of the Gomori trichrome is widely used for staining 
liquid stool smears for protozoan parasites. It has had many modifications in 
recent years, partly because of the bewildering variety of intestinal 
protozoan parasites that give HIV positive people intractable diarrhea.

Bob Richm

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