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We processed 800 to 1000 blocks of prostate bx on a daily basis and we used
biopsy pads. I found that they did not allow optimal infiltration( mainly
because of the volume of pads in the processor) as well as having sponge
artifact. I switched to permanent paper, it can be purchased from beauty
supply stores. It worked great. Jenny

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I nearly forgot ...
I have been thinking for years that tea bag paper would be the ideal sort of
paper for wrapping specimens, but have never seen it used, or discussed, nor
found a source of paper (other than tea bags of course). Have even searched
the web:-(

Do you know of a source.

Terry L Marshall
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

What is the most secure, reliable, quick and cost effective way of
processing small biopsies in Tissue Tek II type cassettes?  

<Snipped> tea bag paper, <snipped>

Terry Coaker

Chief Biomedical Scientist
Cellular Pathology
Royal Victoria Infirmary
Newcastle upon Tyn

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