RE: Requesting information on VEGF ANtibody

Are you using monoclonal or polyclonal vegf?  We had much more specific
staining when we switched to monoclonal from poly.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Greetings everyone.....I have been working with VEGF
		and finding problems with getting our Pathologists to
		agree on a method.  On our control, kidney (both fetal
		and adult normal) and colon the staining seems fine
		with PK retrieval but went I run our colon project
		there is even staining or no staining at all.  I ran
		the antibody with high ph before we settled on PK and
		it was felt that too much was staining.  Now the
		question is most catalogs that have VEGF say High ph
		so I was hoping that someone out there has a method
		that was working consistently and could share some
		insite ....what should be staining, is this antigen
		sensitive fixation or oxidation, what titer are you
		using with what retrieval method, where are you
		getting your antibody ( ours is from Santa Cruz), what
		tissues have you used with your method ....I know its
		alot of questions but the articles I have read are not
		helping me much and I need to move along with this
		project...thanks for your help in advance. 

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