Cryo-Vac-Away; a cryostat vacuum

From:"Instrumedics, Inc." <>

Tim Morken mentioned a vacuum system for the cryostat that would keep the
chamber free of debris.

 I believe he was referring to Instrumedics' Cryo-Vac-Away which can be
installed in most model cryostats.
Cryo-Vac-away  suctions the trimming debris AS GENERATED AT THE BLOCKFACE.

The debris is captured in a canister containing a coarse and fine filter.
Downstream  is a viral/bacterial filter which captures microscopic pathogens
that might escape the debris.

The filters are located inside the cryostat chamber so that the debris
freeze-dries, becoming very light and porous. This permits the vacuum to
function efficiently even when the canister is full.

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