c-kit (CD117), hCG, PR antibody search

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From:Tessa Murray <T.Murray@rri.sari.ac.uk>
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Dear all,

I am looking for antibodies for the following:

1.  c-kit (CD117)
2.  hCG
3.  Progesterone receptor (PR)

There's quite a selection in the catalogues I have (Novacastra, DAKO, Santa
Cruz), so would appreciate some info on what works best.  We are working on
human gonad tissues that are Bouins fixed (this is similar to NBF fixing)
before processing into paraffin wax. 

Thanks in advance,

tessa murray.
Tessa J. Murray
Nutrition and Development Programme
The Rowett Research Institute
Aberdeen AB21 9SB
Tel: 01224 712751 x3267

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