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If I were a supervisor of a reference lab I would tend
to interview on Monday (the day the lab is closed as
given below) because I would be able to focus on the
interview better with less interruptions. 

If a person went in for an interview, let's say for an
hour, what are they going to see differently in a
reference lab that they wouldn't see elsewhere?

Scott Taft
Tucson, AZ

--- wrote:
> Beware All histotech and Histotechnologist.
> I worked for Reference Pathology Laboratory In the
> past.  It is a SWEAT SHOP 
> FACTORY  for slides.  
> You will be cutting sections for 12 - 14 hour days
> (nights).  They usually 
> interview when the Lab is closed on Monday, so that
> new prospects do not see 
> what is really going on.  
> BeWare
> Michael Hamilton, H.T., (A.S.C.P.)

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