8-OHdG antibody manufacturers

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From:Victoria Baker <vbaker60@yahoo.com>
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The American distributor for the N45.1 is Genox
Corporation and the number is 1-800-810-5450.  The
article that directly references it is from "The
United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc.,
Vol 76, No. 3, page 365.  It is dated from 1997.  The
actual makers of this antibody is Nikken (not Nippon,
sorry brain fart)Food Company in Fukuroi,Shizuoka
Japan.  If you or anyone would like a copy of the
article, please send fax number and I will gladly fax

I also have additional information should anyone like
about several different articles that I was able to
scrounge up between myself and the investigator

The other company I'm still looking for.  I couldn't
locate the file at work but will if anyone is
interested in it.

Best of luck.

Vikki Baker
American Health Foundation
Valhalla, New York

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