Re: kappa and lambda IHC

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From:Carla Shoffeitt <>,
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  For our lab, we have found that Dako's Kappa and Lambda antibodies work 
best.  We use predilutes with pretreatment of Proteinase K (Dako).  We use 
Dako's LSAB2 detection kit, as well as their autostainer.

Carla Shoffeitt
Columbus Regional Medical Center
Columbus, GA.

>From: Special Histology Lab Tech <>
>Subject: kappa and lambda IHC
>Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 14:08:30 -0400
>To All:
>We have been having some problems with the consistency of staining
>for  kappa and lambda on formalin fixed tissue. Just wondering if we
>can get some feedback on which abs. and what kind of pretreatments
>are being used. Thanks.
>Michele Margiotta
>Special Histology Lab
>UH @ Stony Brook, NY

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