Re: Zinc woes

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We had that problem when we used Zinc Formalin(not Zinc Fix sans formalin),
and used charged slides.  One of our chem engineers here tells me that the
charge on APES slides and the zinc will repel if not the Zn is not
thoroughly washed out.  Just a theory.

                    08/23/00 12:27 PM               Subject:     Zinc woes                       

I have been using 'home-made' zinc fixative since about 1972, when I first
saw it written up, but usually just as a secondary fixative. (My colleagues
have always taken the view that "real men" don't need to see slides
properly prepared to make a diagnosis).
On and off however, we have had problems with slides lifting/curling, and
today, practically the lot fell off.
Me and my zinc got called nasty things:-(

Anyone else had this problem?

NB No adhesive being used.

Terry L Marshall
Rotherham General Hospital, Yorkshire

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