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Does this mean they are hiring someone with less experience and younger to
be in your position, in other words, they don't need a supervisor and they
want to pay someone less - isn't this grounds for some type of job and age
discrimination. Were they just looking for an excuse as I think they could
have negotiated with you, and IF you were willing, work at less pay per
hour, have a job, and not be a supervisor.  What kind of compliance is this
anyway, sounds fishy to me!  If that is the case, maybe you are better of
NOT working for them!  Wonder if they advertise in ADvance magazine for a
new qualified histotech??  Shame!  

What do you do when you go out to find another job, lie about having a
supervisor's license or never mention it on your application, and take less
in order to put bread on the table? 

Knew a fellow with a wife in med school that could not mention having a PhD
in plant pathology on job applications in order to just GET a job with a
tree surgeon in Seattle. Seems education was working against him, he wanted
to work at anything, they were afraid of his degree.  He eventually opened
up a lawn service business and is probably a millionaire by now and bought
out the tree surgeon.  Poetic justice!

Good luck on finding a job.  Hope it pays well though!

 At 10:21 AM 8/24/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi everyone.....
>I hope this is OK to post here. If not please forgive me and direct me to
>the correct area if possible.
>I was laid off from my job yesterday. I was told that my supervisors
>license, and the salary commensurate with that position (I'm in Florida) was
>no longer necessary in order to be in compliance. Now I find myself after 2
>years looking again.
>If anyone know of a histology job or needs a histotech with 35+ years of
>experience as well as ASCP and a state of Florida Supervisors license, in
>the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Fl area, please email me. I'd even do temp work to
>fill in  for leaves if necessary.
Gayle Callis
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