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From:Tracy Bergeron <TBergeron@criver.com>, TBergeron@criver.com
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Hi folks,

     I am currently looking into getting certified in histology.  From what
I have read on the NSH and ASCP websites I fall into the HTL category (have
a B.S. and have been doing histo off and on for the past 6 yrs in vet diag.
labs and now in industry).   But..  I was wondering from those of you who
have taken these exams what are the major differences between the two.
Would it be better to do the HT and then  go for the HTL?   According to
the information I have it is not necessarily a stepwise process, what have
peoples experiences been??
     Also and suggested reading material, or input on the material the ASCP
recommends  would be greatly appreciated.


Tracy E. Bergeron
Charles River Laboratories
Wilmington, MA

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