Re: road kill at the HTL corral

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From:Amos Brooks <>
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    Don't forget if it is really warn -n- fresh to save the large bits fer the
stew pot!
I like the way ya think!
Amos wrote:

> Peggy Wenk suggests as a last act of desperation:
> >>There is, at last resort, road kill. (Don't laugh, it's been done before,
> in times of desperation. One of my former students is know as the "Opossum
> Lady" around here, as she did a "necropsy" on the side of the road with an
> Exacto knife and a plastic bag, just to get an esophagus for her registry.)
> Try early Saturday or Sunday morning, just after dawn. The bars will have
> closed only a few hours earlier. So the road kill will be still warm. (Sorry
> to be gross this early in the morning.)<<
> Now this is the kind of thing we really get into in east Tennessee. - I'd
> suggest rubber gloves (preferably utility gloves, like Playtex) and a jar of
> fixative right along with you. Would also suggest not messing with rabbits,
> because of the hazard of tularemia, and watch for ticks.
> Most important, don't get run over by a tractor-trailer!
> Bob Richmond
> Samurai Pathologist at the Road Kill Cafe
> Knoxville TN

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