Re: Stain for H Pylori

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From:N Kenneison <>
To:Miranda DeMaso <>

Hi there 
We stain H pylori using the Cresyl Fast Violet (1%) aqueous solution for
5 minutes works well infact so well we automate and routinly do it on
all gastric biopsies as a stain on the Leica Autostainer.

In message <>, Miranda
DeMaso <> writes
>Hello Histonetters!
>I am looking for an alternate stain for H Pylori.  We
>have tried the Warthin-Starry, and the Steiner, but
>have found them to be unreliable at times.  Is there
>anyone out there with another method that is not done
>by IHC?
>Miranda DeMaso
>South Bend Medical Found.
>South Bend IN
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N Kenneison

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