Masson trichrome on frozens

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From:Sue Danielson <>
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>Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 14:40:55 -0500
>From: Sue Danielson <>
>Subject: trichrome
>Hello Sally,
>Unfortunately, I look at frozen muscle tissue using the gomori modified
trichrome, which stains muscle fibers green and fatty tissues (such as
myelin) fuscia.  Mitochondrial accumulations within the fibers (ragged red
fibers), also stain a bright fuscia color.  Massons' trichrome is different,
staining fibers red and connective tissues green.
>I am unsure why the centers of your fibers are clear.  All I can think of
is if the muscle is positive for something congenital like central core
disease, then you would see central areas of each muscle fiber as clear,
punched out holes (no staining whatsoever).  Is the muscle you are testing
normal, or could there be a pathological abnormality causing your troubles?
You could also see something like this in the muscle fibers of a person
having a vacoular myopathy due to alcohol or a toxin.
>Susan Danielson MS
>Neuromuscular Lab Coordinator
>Sept. Neurology, Medical College of Wisconsin

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