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If you use the Ab from Novocastra, I think, the answer is "No, you can't!".

We tried this Ab on FFPE tissue of livers with known Hepatitis C and on
liver proven by PCR not to be infected with HCV, unfortunately the staining
didn't show any differences. Strong cytoplasmatic staining in a couple of
cells, sometimes granular perinuclear staing, no background. We used Dakos
Envision as detection system, so endogenous Biotin should not be the
problem, but we also tried blocking it with Dako reagent.

Probably we have to wait a few months for a new Ab.

Dr. Alexander Nader
Path. Institut Hanuschkrankenhaus

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> Subject: Hepatitis immunos HELP desperate
> I am working with HepC liver cells and trying to do 
> immunocytochemistry. I
> need help in blocking background in these cells. I have used 
> normal serum,
> peroxoblock, BSA, reagent A from Zymed's PAP kit (which is 
> the recommended
> kit for HCV. All of these in a variety of combinations. The 4%
> paraformaldehyde fixed cells are false positive throughout. 
> The MEOH fixed
> cells are mostly stained around the periphery. IS ANYONE 

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