fully frosted slides

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From:"Jim Ball" <xryhisto@ovis.net>
Date:Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:57:25 -0400
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Lets go from sticky slides to completly frosted slides. One of our
cytologists swears by these things, and they just make me swear there must
be a good reason for using them, because they still make the #$^^@@!!!!
things. forgive me for the language, I have always contented that these
slides serve no better funtion than to mudddy and already tough enough job
of trying to get a clear represenitve picture of a possible disease process.
I feel the coated slides of today retain as much if not more diagnostic
material than the fully frosted slides,  and when the fully frosted slides
do retain what the pathologists and the cytologist feel is a worry some cell
the best they can say is maybe but we are not sure,  please submit another
       If histology is an art form then cytology must be an abstract form of
art if the cytologist are still using fully frosted slides as their palette.
I think that many cytologists must have started out in this media and refuse
to change. I would like to hear from any cytologist, histologist,
pathologist that can offer any good reasons for using these slides,
especially now that we have coated slides, thin prep tecnology, mega
filters, and least I forget dedicated technologist that take the time to
prepare  an adequate slide.

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