April 2000

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From:Joachim Siegmund <jsiegmu@ibm.net>
Date:Sun, 18 Apr 1999 17:59:20 GMT
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Hi, out there. A few months ago, I issued a query to the list 
requesting information about histotech credentialing in the United 
States. I now know where I will be relocating to and as I received 
such helpful replies, I'd like to ask again for your advice. At the 
end of March of next year, I will be moving to central Georgia, a 
small town about two hours southeast of Atlanta. Is there anyone out 
there working as a histotech in this area (Atlanta, Macon, 
Milledgeville, Augusta, Athens, etc.) or anyone who can direct me to 
places I might seek work in this part of Georgia? I have fifteen years 
experience working in the toxicological department of a German 
pharmaceutical company. We process mostly rodent and dog tissue. I 
perform routine histology as well as special stains, morphometry, hard 
tissue treatment, enzyme histochemistry, and a little 
electronmicroscopy some years ago. I am also the safety representative 
in my lab and possess strong computer skills. Because I've been 
working in Germany, clearly I don't have HT/HTL certification and 
don't foresee getting it anytime in the near future; I immediately 
specialized (two years studying biology: biochemistry) in my field 
after Abitur (roughly equivalent to high school graduation) rather 
than going on to university, and so I don't think my education will 
translate in such a way as to make it beneficial to go this route if 
it's at all possible to find a job in a university research laboratory 
or a pharmaceutical company that would find my years of experience 
equally valuable as or equivalent to certification. The messages I 
received from some of you suggest that this is true, but the question 
is, I suppose, whether or not I'm relocating to a part of the country 
where such a job can be found. Any suggestions you have about where or 
how I might begin my search would be greatly appreciated. Also, if 
there are any of you out there who have a website that includes your 
resume, I would be grateful if you would include the URL so I can get 
an idea how best to translate my German resume. Thanks in advance.
All best,
Joachim Siegmund
Hamburg, Germany

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