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From:"Gary W. Gill" <>
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Date:Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:51:41 -0500
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What mounting medium are you using?  If it's Permaslip, as someone suggested
in a previous post, be aware that it's intended for use primarily as a
liquid substitute for cover glasses.  As such, its solvent evaporates more
rapidly than those in conventional mountants intended for use with cover
glasses and that incorporate more slowly evaporating xylene or toluene as
the solvent.  Fast evaporating solvents often form air bubbles under the
cover glass, as Lillie observed in a seminal major article on mounting media
in the early '50s.  Furthermore, if the volume of mountant is not adjusted
for the thickness of the preparation, one can easily imagine air bubbles
forming.  Conventional Paps may require 3 to 12 drops or more of mountant to
produce a bubble-free mount.  There could also be a problem with the way the
machine applies the cover glass on the preparation.  It's not difficult to
entrain/entrap air bubbles.  Have you watched the machine repeatedly to look
for patterns?

Gary Gill

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> Dear Histonetters-
> We currently have a brand new Hacker coverslipper
> (2nd since November '98) but are having a great deal of
> "bubble" problems that company cannot seem to resolve.
> We would appreciate all comments from those of you
> who use a Leica coverslipper. Pros and Cons.
> Thanks in advance-
> Jude
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