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Date:Mon, 12 Apr 1999 12:34:01 -0500

We used the Leica coverslipper when I was employed with a reference
laboratory in San Diego, CA.
The instrument worked well with relatively few problems. Prior to purchasing
the Leica, we brought in the other glass coverslippers, for week long
demo's. We ran several thousand slides through each of the coverslippers
during the time we had the demo units in the lab. 
Through this evaluation process we found the Leica to be the most "user
friendly" of the glass coverslippers which were on the market at that time.
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> Dear Histonetters-
> We currently have a brand new Hacker coverslipper
> (2nd since November '98) but are having a great deal of
> "bubble" problems that company cannot seem to resolve.
> We would appreciate all comments from those of you
> who use a Leica coverslipper. Pros and Cons.
> Thanks in advance-
> Jude
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