[Histonet] Pentosidine publications


Bill Radke at UCO has done some work with pentosidine. He could give you
some leads. Here are a couple from him, though they don't necessarily deal
with aging:

Title: Stability of pentosidine concentrations in museum study skins
Author(s): Fallon JA, Radke WJ, Klandorf H
Source: AUK   Volume: 123   Issue: 1   Pages: 148-152   Published: JAN 2006
Times Cited: 1

 2.  Title: Skin tissue pentosidine in cormorants and study skin
preparations of Ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus)
Author(s): Klandorf H, Fallon JA, Radke WJ, et al.
Source: FASEB JOURNAL   Volume: 19   Issue: 4   Pages: A216-A216   Part:
Part 1 Suppl. S   Supplement: Part 1 Suppl. S   Published: MAR 4 2005
Times Cited: 0

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