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There was an article in JOH last year I believe on the effects of slide
drying temps on IHC, it was very interesting and yes high temps can affect
some antigens.  I keep my drying oven at 60dc or below.

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Subject: [Histonet] hot air oven for drying slides temp

I was under the impression that the temp of the drying oven in a stainer
or a hot air oven if stained seperately should be aroung 60
degrees--just above the melting point of the paraffin.  I have recently
been in a lab where they dry their routine and special stain slides at
95 degrees.  The leave their immunos at room temp over night.  Their
seems to be no complaints by the pathologists with the temp that high
but I was wondering what the averge temp others are using.
Thanks Diana
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