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From:"Bernice Frederick"

I can't quite come up with 10 as we are a research lab and do more IHC
than anything else,but here goes:

1. Masson Trichrome
2. Safranin O
3. Iron
4. PAS
5. Movat's Pentachrome
6. May-Grunwald Giemsa 
7. Retic
8. Sirius Red
9. GMS
10. Toluidine Blue

That should be interesting in your tally. IHC would be ER/PR, Her2,

Bernice Frederick
Pathology Core Facility 
Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center

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Seems that more and more of our stains are turning towards IHC, but
these are the most frequently used in our 461 bed hospital.

1.  Diff Quik Giemsa for H.P.
2.  Perl's Iron
3.  Pas (w & w/o diastase)
4.  Gomori's Trichrome
5.  Reticulum
6.  GMS
7.  AFB
8.  FAFB
9.  Mucicarmine
10. Brown & Brenn's gram stain


>>> "Sarah Jones"  04/19/07 1:53 PM >>>
I am in the process of writing a paper for a class I am taking, and I
would appreciate it if you could send me the top ten special stains (not
IHC) that you do in your laboratory in the order in which they rank.  

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Sarah A. Jones, HTL (ASCP) CM

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