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   Napththol  AS-D  Chloroacetate  Esterase  is used to identify granulo   cytes.    This   procedure   can  be  done  on  FFPE  tissue,or  blood
   smears.&nbs=  p;  Neutrophils  also  contain myeloperoxidase.  this is
   usually done on = blood smears.  Sigma has kits for both stains.

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     Does  anyone  know  of  a stain for neutro= phils?  I believe I had
     read that
     staining  with chloroacetate ester= ase is the way to go, but, I am
     familiar  with  that  stain.   Does= anyone know of  a company that
     have  the  stain  in a kit?? &nb= sp;This is for a research project
     and am rather
     stumped!   Thanks,  a=  s always, fellow Histonetters for your help
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