[Histonet] Milestone Processor Run2


Hey Histonetters,
I have now completed a my second run on the Milestone Microwave Processor  
110. This time it was just biopsies and cell blocks. Both processed well on the  
short cycle. The only problem this time was the staining again.  The  nuclear 
detail was fine for the pathologist that looked at the slides but the  
cytoplasmic stain was inconsistant. Some were pale, some were slightly heavy.  The 
cytologists that examined the cell blocks were pleased and surprised that it  
only took 70 minutes for processing. 
I'm starting to do parallel runs from here on out. So far the pathologists  
that have seen the work are okay with the results. More to come as this process 
James  Bradford
Orlando Regional Medical Center
Orlando,  FL
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