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From:Gareth Davis

Hi Gayle,
We decalcified our rat skulls in Regular Cal Immuno for two weeks and then cryopreserved in 10%, 20% and 30% washes of sucrose.  Then we washed in OCT:H2O for 45 minutes, while oscillating at 100rpm.  Then froze the tissue (on dry ice) and "embedded" in OCT.  My cuts have come out beautiful, I even impressed myself.  I figured I would get terrible sections through the turbinates, but I don't.

Gareth Davis
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Gayle Callis  wrote:
I am presuming you mean UNDECALCIFIED rat turbinates? We do mouse
undecalcified turbinates, but need to sue the tape transfer system,
Cryojane from Instrumedics OR you crush delicate turbinate bone, do not get
a flat section that adheres to slide surface hence falling off. 

It requires a d profile (some like c profile) tungsten carbide knife in
extremely sharp condition in order to cut decently through bone. 

Without these tools, we get terrible sections. 

At 09:09 AM 4/16/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>Has anyone out there cut frozen rat turbinates?? We are having trouble
>keeping them on the slides. Any pointers?
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