Re: [Histonet] Zinc formalin and 10% NBF

From:John Kiernan

After fixing the specimens in either NBF or a "zinc-formalin"
mixture you should put them in water to dissolve out the
sodium phosphate or zinc salts (chloride or sulphate?) before
moving the specimens into the dehydrating alcohols. 

           John Kiernan
           London, Canada
Wendy England wrote:
> Hello,
> One of my coworkers fixed some samples in Zinc formalin and some in 10% NBF
> but forgot to lable them.  So now we don't know which is Zinc formalin and
> which is 10% NBF. The tissue are going to be stained by H&E. His question is
> if it's ok to put all of them in 10% NBF now. I think it's fine. But I want
> to hear you expert's opinion please.
> Wendy
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