RE: [Histonet] Re: H&E staining of frozen section


We used to stain frozen sections, unmounted on slides, in little coplin
jars. I concede these were sections of brain etc that were rather thick,
but it seemed to work. I'd try cutting the sections at 10 mu and then staining
in fresh (not over-oxidised) haematoxylin for 30s, blue in tap water, counterstain
in eosin for 30s, then dehydrate. I can't remember when we attached to slide,
but it was either before or after dehydration but before clearing, as the
sections went hard and wouldn't flatten.

Breast may be a problem due to the fat, and you may want to put the sections
through alcohol and then a clearing agent to remove the fat, then back to
water. I'd be interested to hear how you get on.


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