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Just a quick suggestion which maybe you have already tried. Most alkaline
phosphatase commercial substrates use Levamisole as an inhibitor of
endogenous alkaline phosphatase. This does not inhibit the intestinal enzyme
as used for labelling antibodies, so maybe that is what you need. The method
was published by Ponder and Wilkinson, but I don't have my notes to hand so
can't give you the exact reference, however if you look in any reputable
textbook on immunohistochemistry you should find the details there.


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Hi everyone-
I have instilled a vector expressing human placental Alkaline Phosphatase
in the lung of rhesus monkeys. However, when I use a protocol routinely
used in our lab to prevent background in mouse lung (which works very well)
the background is very high preventing assessment of gene transfer. I am
wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas!
Much appreciated

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