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From:Amos Brooks

         I'll have to check if we've tried this one when I get back Monday. 
If we've not tried it yet, I'll give it a whirl. I know we've tried the 
polyclonal before. Generally I cringe when I see a reference to Santa Cruz 
though. I've had a number of bum antibodies from them, VEGF polyclonal 
being one of them. (I'm sure they have some good ones too, at least I hope 
they do). When we work up a new antibody we try just about every 
pretreatment beginning with none at all and pick the one that works best. 
Thanks for the suggestion. If we haven't tried it yet, and we get it, I'll 
post our success or failure here.
Hoping for the best,

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>From: "Patsy Ruegg" 
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>Amos I had the same experience as you with VEGF's until I switched to
>monoclonal Vegf from Santa Cruz, it now appears very specific and reliable
>to me.  I use pepsin or proteinase K digestion and stay away from HIER.

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