[Histonet] BCL2 High pH retrieval

From:Amos Brooks

         Try High pH antigen retrieval (pH 10.0). The steamer for 1/2 hour 
should be fine. I can't avouch for the detection kit you're stuck using 
with a Ventana stainer, but it should work. I would suggest a non biotin 
detection kit like Envision from DAKO or Mach3 from Biocare (I'm sure there 
are others). It seems high pH retrieval increases endogenous biotin.
Amos Brooks

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>Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 18:51:44 -0400
>From: "Derek & Lynda Leopold" 
>Subject: [Histonet] bcl-2 on Nexes
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>Hi All,
>We're having some trouble getting our tonsil control to come up for 
>bcl-2.  After searching the archives and asking around, we are going to 
>try citrate buffer (Declere) and a hot steamer for 1 hour.  We've got the 
>Nexes IHC.  Anyone else have any tips for us?
>Can anyone comment on the need/non-need for DAB?
>Lynda Leopold

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