Re: Plastics Network List??

Hi Sarge:
       I've been a registered HistoTech for 23 years, involved in research and plastic embedding for 15 years, but I am far from an expert!!!  I know what works for me in my laboratory, and as long as it ain't broke, I see no need to fix it!!!

       I routinely cut undecalcified bone bx's embedded in PMMA, cardiac stents in PMMA, a variety of tissues in GMA, retrieved implants or research projects concerning a variety of biomaterials in Spurr's which are then cut on a Buehler high speed saw using a diamond edged cutting wheel, ground by hand and polished. I really, REALLY wish I had an EXAKT system, but it is way out of our budget, so I make do with the old fashioned methods!!  I wash my methylmethacrylate and make my own monomer rather than use kits because I have rarely had problems controlling the polymerization and I rarely experience any bubbling in my specimens.

       At one time I was a part of the HTC of the NSH, but I let my membership lapse, so I don't know if I am still on their list or not.  I will be renewing my NSH membership, because that committee has a wealth of knowledge in its combined membership.  I would highly recommend joining if you are in need of assistance in a wide variety of areas involving plastics.

Take care and good luck!

-Diane Mahovlic HT/MLT (ASCP)
Orthopedic Pathology and Biomaterials Laboratory
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Cleveland, Ohio

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