From:Tara Miller

At first we were marking on sheets (one for each pH) that our pH strips had 
detected the correct pH. However now we save all the strips, both steam 
strips and the pH strips, by just taping them all into a log book. Of course 
we first let them dry out and the pH strips fade a little, but it 
demonstrates that we did the necessary testing. Also, we log the date and 
whether the steam strip was used in the pressure cooker or the steamer. And, 
if we do more than on run we mark 1st run and 2nd run next to the strips.

Tara Oakes, H.T.
Central DuPage Hospital

>From: "Nava, Josefa" 
>Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 13:55:48 -0500
>I am curious how  everyone is doing their QC on the  IHC pressure cooker. 
>you have a form to log in your temperature and pressure  evrytime  you run
>your pressure cooker everyday? For those who are using the Biocare pressure
>cooker what type of  Quality control do
>you have aside from using the Monitor strips. And do you have an everyday
>log to record your  reaction on your monitor strips or do you even save
>those strips for CAP inspection?  I appreciate any feedback you can  give 
>on this matter.

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