FYI on using the pressure cooker

From:Jeff Gordon

We at Cell Marque posed this question to CAP regarding monitoring the
temperatures in the pressure cooker for heat induced epitope retrieval:

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> > Dear Nancy, 
> >  I have a question on the interpretation of one of the checklist 
> questions 
> > for accreditation for Immunohistochemistry Departments.  Question 
> 08:2240 
> > Phase II states, "When appropriate, are tissue processing
> > defined and monitored?".  Does this want the temperature monitored
> > tissue processing only or does the area of Heat Induced Epitope 
> Retrieval 
> > Methods also come into play.  Does the temperature inside the
> > pressure cooker, or microwave need to be monitored?  Thanks for all
> > help. 

This question was forwarded to several CAP officials and this was the
relevant response that was ultimately copied to us.  The author of the
response is Eric Hsi, MD, member of the CAP Cell Markers Committee and
pathologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Department of Pathology:

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My opinion: 

Traditionally we have not monitored the temperature inside the pressure
cookers because it was not really practical.  Each lab empirically sets
up there own protocols during validation of HEIR for each Ab.  Positive
control tissue serves to ensure proper staining.  If equipment changes
(pressure cookers, microwave ovens) then the protocol needs to be
rechecked and re-validated.  The vegetable steamers some labs use
basically reach the same temperature in an individual lab, assuming
steam is generated .  So steam production is probably good enough


I hope that making this information available to you is helpful.


Jeff Gordon
Cell Marque Corp.

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