RE: cryostat cleaning

From:"Monson, Frederick C."

Dear Sargent Bernard,

	I know of no cryostats that:
		section by themselves,
		clean themselves
		oil themselves
		fix themselves or
		do anything else by themselves.  

Thus, a truly user-friendly cryostat can only be inexpensive and still

I have always managed with IEC cryostats, but on two occasions, if given the
money, I would have purchased a research-grade instrument.  The reason would
have been ease of section acquisition, not user-friendliness.

Regards and thanks for serving,

TAXPAYER, Fred Monson

P.S.  I worked with a young research fellow once who used a VERY expensive
cryostat and a monoclonal Ab against a HUMAN elastin epitope to demonstrate,
unEquivocally, that the rabbit LACKED elastin.  This anecdote is presented
to advance the notion that all the user-friendly technology in the world
cannot overcome the effect of a user-UNfriendly head! 

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> Fellow histonetters, can anyone reccommend a user friendly cryostat I can
> use in my laboratory.
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> Martha Ward writes:
> My thanks to everyone who responded to my question.  I got several good
> suggestions.  Let me just say that we always treat each sample as a
> biohazard.  I was just looking for a less time consuming method for
> decontamination; something that could be done without defrosting, etc.
> I appreciate everyone's input.  Thanks again!

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