FW: Paraffin processing using agar

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Hi Sue,

We have a researcher here at UTMB-Galveston, that has been working with agar
at different percents  and processed by hand and has not been able to get
any sections off  of it.  I have recommend histogel he was not to thrilled
about that but he tried it and we process with no pressure, vacuum or any
agitation but we did cut down on the time and it work just fine.

Rudy Salcedo

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		Subject:	Paraffin processing using agar

		Hi All;
		We regularly use agar to oreintate tiny specimens that
cannot be seen
		properly when embedding in paraffin.
		I have found this a very sucessful technique for the
numerous tiny
		specimens, that research students require histological
sections of.
		The specimens are fixed. Agar is melted and the moulds used
for TEM filled.
		Using a stereo microscope the tissue can be placed in the
agar and
		oreintated. The plug of agar complete with specimen is
cooled and placed in
		the cassette and left in a solution of 70% ethanol for 12
hours. This is
		then processed routinely and embedded in paraplast.
		Suddenly, I have a batch where the agar has shrivelled up
and is extremely
		brittle and will not cut. I cannot find a reason for this
but more
		importantly I am looking for a way to rescue these valuable
		I would be very greatful of any suggestions.

		Sue Reilly (Mrs)  
		School of Marine Biology and Aqua Culture
		and School of Tropical Biology
		James Cook University.
		Townsville. Qld. 4811.
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