Embedder to fit Ventana/RMC organized baskets

From:"Histology, Metro Lab"

I have purchased a Sakura embedder, that I was told would fit the Ventana/RMC processor's organized baskets, guess what, it does not fit it!?!  In the process of calling the Ventana user list, I found a Mopec embedding system, that accomodates this rack.  Mopec says they do not distribute the Medite embedder.  They gave me a web site, that is in German, I'm guessing, but had an American access.  I did Email them and have not heard from them.  Is anyone familiar with this embedding system and who distributes it?
I would like to take care of this ASAP, please Email, soon.
My personal address is CROEG 57 @aol.com.
Deb Croegaert
Metro Labs
Davenport, Iowa 

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