From:Rafael Badalyan

Dear Histonet members,
First of all, I would like to thank to all of repleirs to my mail concerning to smooth muscle and collagen staining.
By yours help now I find the solution for the Microwave combine trichrome stain, where all collagen, elastin and smooth muscle fibers should be seen.
As I am going to sabstitute Baibrich Scarlet with Orange G, I do not know how much Orange G I must use to prepare the stain?
2) For Baibrich Scarlet stain I should mix: Beibrich Scarlet 2,7 g, Acid fuchsin 0,3 gm, Distilled water 300,0 ml, glacial acetic acid 3,0 ml.
Shall I just exchange Beibrich scarlet with Orange G, or it should be some other special mixture?
Could you please support me in this situation?
Does anyone used this Microwave methology for combined smooth muscle, collagen and elastin stain??
Thanks in advance for your kind responses.
Rafael Badalyan, MD
Ph.D student at Urology dept. , NIH,
Yerevan, Armenia  

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