RE: sirius red F3B

Sirrus red is the easiest stain in the world to work with.  Getting it is
not easy.  I bought it from Roboz Surgical Instrument CO., Inc.
1000 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036
it is actually made in Germany
Schmid GmbH+Co.  D-7316 Kongen/N.
1A 280
Siriusrot F3BA
Direct Red 80 C.I. 35780
I make this up as 2% in sat. picric acid and use it for years.
Patsy Ruegg

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		Help histonetters,
			I have a scientist wanting me to do a stain called
Sirius Red (Llewellyn, 
		1970)  I have found a procedure in Bancroft's book.  Whew!
Then I look in 
		I don't know how many catalogs and find Sirius Red F3B
NOWHERE.  I looked 
		in my old book of biological dyes for a possible alternate
name.  No 
		Luck!  Does anyone know where I can get this stuff.  AND
once I find it any 
		clues.  I have been warned that the preparation of this dye
is tricky and 
		it can precipitate out on you quite easily.  Thanks in

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