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     I had ONE pipette fall off once. I understand that antigen retrieval is
done on the 6000 and that would be good. The only thing I didn't care for
was the de-wax. But that's no big deal. I love our instrument.
Bruce Gapinski HT(ASCP)

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		BRUCE saw your comment about the Optimax on the histo net.
Have you had any problems with dropping pipette?  I have ans was told it was
a problem with the pipette and not the instrument and that they are working
on the problem.  I am glad you get good support service.  I did in the past
but I have not had a sales rep visit in over 2 years.  They just can"t seem
to keep a sales rep in my area.  Do you know anything about the 6000
instrument?  I am to have a demo this Thur and Fri and would like your input
if your have any.
		Sharon Shields
		Baptist Hospital of E TN
		Knoxville, tn

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