RE: Ergonomics program becomes final Rule

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In the April 2001 CAP TODAY, page 98, ther eis an article stating that it
was indeed rescinded.

Donna Sitrin

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I too have been given the impression that our President has rescinded the
ergonomics standard due to the perceived huge financial impact on employers.

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>>> Gayle Callis <> 04/26/01 12:55PM >>>
Has this really gone into effect, written and then recalled?  Something
about huge expense to employers, but I may be incorrect.  Seems when Bush
got into office and administration was not going to be put into effect, not
sure on how the laws work here.

Enlighten me please.

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>>Subject: Ergonomics program becomes final Rule
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>>OSHA has issued a final Ergonomics Program standard (29  CFR 1910.900)
>>effective January 16, 2001.   More information can be obtained by going to
>>the OSHA site...
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