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From:Kathy Oprea <koprea@calc.vet.uga.edu>
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We have a Leica TP 1050 tissue processor that we love! It was 
installed July 1999. We demoed several processors and narrowed the 
choices down to the Leica TP 1050 and the VIP. We process all types 
of animal tissues and these 2 processors were tops. We chose the 
Leica TP 1050 because the reagent management system and the paraffin 
clean cycle.....our lab (5 histologist) agreed unanimously that this 
processor was the best for our lab. If the need arises to purchase 
another processor we will not hesitate to purchase another Leica TP 
1050 through our local vendor, Vashaw Scientic.
                Thank you 
 Kathy Oprea                     
 University of Georgia          
 College of Veterinary Medicine  
 Athens, GA 30602-7388           
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