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From:Steve & Linda Roggy <>
To:Barry Rittman <>
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Just my two cents - they don't need to know what you do in the privacy of your home
computer. I certainly wouldn't tell them anything, unless it was when I handed in my
resignation, the new salary I was being offered.
Linda Roggy

Barry Rittman wrote:

> Re the discussion about salaries.
> If you are a state employee and therefore receiving salary from state funds it is
> the right of the public (from whom these funds are generated) to know what you
> earn.
> I believe that this is covered by the freedom of information act.
> All state funds are funds that are accountable and as a member of the public you
> have the right to see them or ask your attorney general of that state to make them
> available to you.
> If you are working for a private organization that is trickier, however if I were a
> customer of that organization I would expect to be able to find out what their
> charges are based on. These should be times of accountability. Covertness breeds
> discontent and suspicion and allows misuses to occur.
> I also have a lot of problems with the question that arose that requests for
> salaries are to be made by the personnel department. These are the individuals with
> whom you are often negotiating for salary increases.
> Barry
> LuAnn Anderson wrote:
> > Responding to the message of <>
> > from Amos Brooks <>:
> >
> > And, I have the right to decide whether or not I want to disclose the
> > information regarding my salary and to whom!!!
> > >
> >

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